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1072  Hausmannite with Rhodochrosite
Bigrigg Mine [Wyndham Pit], Bigrigg, West Cumberland Iron Field, North and Western Region (Cumberland), Cumbria, England, UK  
small-cabinet  8.5 x 5.1 x 3.1

   ex. Sir Aurthur Russell

The only one I have ever known to exist from this locality (well known for wonderful Calcites), a specimen with a few sharp rhombohedhal Rhodochrosite crystals to 5mm, on a matrix consisting mostly of coarsly intermixed, massive Haussmanite and Calcite(?).  There is a 1.5 cm region exhibiting very lustrous, sharp, black Haussmanite crystals to 3mm and adjacant to the best and largest Rhodo. One might muse about making a thumbnail of it...

Except that this specimen was collected by Sir Author Russel in May of 1938, as witnessed by his own handwritten label.

No trimming on this one, I think.

Label: Sir Aurther Russel collection, handwritten by Russell
Label: Crystal Classics
Label: Trinity Mineral Co.

A small machine printed label "CCDD1524" is affixed, apparently the Crystal Classics stock number.  


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