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1108  Pyrite
Eagle Mountain Mine, near Desert Center, Riverside Co., California  
small-cabinet  6.8 x 6.0 x 3.8 cm

   ex. Chuck Tranthum

The rocky, dense matrix, showing some areas of apparent oxidation (iron content?), hosts two exposed but well embedded in the matrix. The larger of these is 2.0cm in diameter, and appears (from the visble faces) to constitute a pyritohedron. There appears to be another nodule of pyrite, showing a few crystal faces. Gievn the desity of the specimen (impression in hand), I suspect that much of the specimen is massive pryrite.

On the back of the printed C.T. Minerals label, in pencil, it reads:

Aquired 1 MAY 1992
Self collected by
San Mateo, CA

The locality is special to me, since my father, Don W. Geiger, was, for many years, involved with labor relations between his employeer, Kaiser Steel (who operated teh Eagle Mountain mine for iron ore to use at thier steel mill in Fontana) and the (organized - UMW - I believe) labor force that did the mining. As a kid, I remember hearing my dad tell my mom about what was going on at Eagle Mountain quite often.

So, while it may not be a contender for the Lidstrom trophy, I'm delighted to have a good specimen from this locality. I am also grateful to Chuck for having collected it decades ago, and for making a gift of it to our collection here in 2017.


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