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115  Rhodochrosite with Quartz
Sweet Home Mine, Alma, Alma District, Park Co., Colorado, United States  
thumbnail  2.8 x 1.8 x 1.0 cm

eBay: This is a neat Perkins Thumbnail from the famous Sweet Home mine, which produces amazing Rhodochrosite specimens. This Rhodochrosite comes from Willard Perkin's show stock, which I purchased the rest of the other month. Willard is the maker of the 'PERKY BOX' and he really had an eye for thumbnails. He would cut the specimen down to a managable size and then mount them on a little piece of plastic and put in a great PHOTOREDUCED label! This piece is cut on the back and the bottom and mounted on a little plastic stick to keep it looking GREAT! This isn't one of the super great bright red gemmy Rhodochrosites from this location, but it is a pretty decent pink cluster from this great location!

db_pics/pics/115a.jpg db_pics/pics/115b.jpg
db_pics/pics/115c.jpg db_pics/pics/115d.jpg


Mineral Occurances

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