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25  Rhodochrosite
Sweet Home Mine [Steve's Pocket], Alma, Alma District, Park Co., Colorado, United States  
small-cabinet  6.5 x 2.5 cm

From Pat's Description: On offer is this very attractive specimen with a broad slash of the deepest cherry pink gemmy rhodochrosite running through a matrix of massive quartz covered with drusy quartz. The rhodochrosite is so clear that it almost looks like polished hot pink glass. One end is crowned with a cap of purple fluorite. All in all, a beautiful specimen and sure to be a conversation starter when displayed in your collection. The largest bit of fourite is the nice purple this location produces, and there are plentiful very small (=~ 1mm) white to water-clear cubical fluorite crystals scattered about the matrix. There are also some nice small quartz crystals. The specimen appears to have been fractured into a floater before collection, as the small flourite and quartz crystals and druse cover all sides of the piece. Very fun with the magnifying glass!


Photos courtesy of / ©2004 Patricia B. Smith

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