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39  Rhodochrosite
Sweet Home Mine [Flourite Raise], Alma, Alma District, Park Co., Colorado, United States  
small-cabinet  6 x 2.9 x 1.3 cm

Pat's Description: This amazing piece of rhodochrosite features masses of the famous Sweet Home deep cherry pink rhodochrosite rhombs accented with little bits of needle quartz, shimmering gold pyrite, tetrahedrite and a quarter inch metallic black galena crystal. The specimen is cut in the shape of a leaf. I don't know if that happened by accident during the mining process or if it was deliberate, but I can say, this is probably the only 'leaf' of rhodochrosite you'll ever see. Turn it over and surprise! There's a smattering of purple fluorite staining the back. I say staining because all that is left of the fluorite is its color; there are no crystals to speak of, but it still lends a gorgeous touch of color to the specimen.


Top Photos courtesy of / ©2004 Patricia B. Smith
Bottom Photos ©2004 Richard Geiger

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Mineral Occurances

Galena02.08.01.01     go     webmineral     mindat
Pyrite02.12.01.01     go     webmineral     mindat
Rhodochrosite14.01.01.04     go     webmineral     mindat
Tetrahedrite03.03.06.01     go     webmineral     mindat


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