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40  Rhodochrosite
Sweet Home Mine [Steve's Pocket], Alma, Alma District, Park Co., Colorado, United States  
miniature  4.6 x 2.3 x 2 cm

Pat's description: With the exception of purple flurorite, this extraordinary specimen of rhodochrosite reads like a directory of the minerals found in the Sweet Home Mine. Cherry pink rhombs of rhodochrosite are nestled among a forest of needle quartz spires on a bed of massive tetrahedrite, quartz and pyrite! Best of all, the piece is accented by a large, (quarter inch across) well terminated shiny gold pyrite crystal on one end, set off by a matte black sphalerite crystal.


Photos courtesy of / ©2004 Patricia B. Smith

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Mineral Occurances

Prytie02.12.01.01     go     webmineral     mindat
Quartz75.01.03.01     go     webmineral     mindat
Rhodochrosite14.01.01.04     go     webmineral     mindat
Sphalerite02.08.02.01     go     webmineral     mindat
Tetrahedrite03.03.06.01     go     webmineral     mindat


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