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498  Rhodochrosite on Elpidite
Mt Saint-Hilaire, Rouville Co., Québec, Canada  
small-cabinet  6 x 4.7 x 4 cm

Collected by Francoise Duranieau.

This specimen from the great locality of Mt Saint-Hilaire, Quebc, will always bring that other great locality of Bisbee, Arizona to mind, as that's where I found it, in the shop 'Minerals and More', D.H. Garske, prop.

I found this specimen irresistable, given that I didn't have any Elpidite in the collection, nor, of course, an example of the association with Rhodochrosite.

It will also bring to mind that whole wonderful day, the Tues before the main show weekend in Tucson. My parents and I had driven down to visit Bisbee, and had just enjoyed a very nice lunch and were out cruising for rock shops... (not many towns where this will bear fruit these days!). 'Minerals and More' did not disappoint, a charminingly disorganized array of minerals for sale.

Dr. Garske did adminish me at one point about poking around some of the flats buried under tables, informing me that this was his eBay stock... :-)


Photos ©2006 Richard Geiger

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Mineral Occurances

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Rhodochrosite14.01.01.04     go     webmineral     mindat


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