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628  Quartz var. Smokey/Amethyst
Krystal Tips claims, Petersen Mountain (Hallelujah Junction), Washoe Co., Nevada, United States  
large-cabinet  17 x 7 x 5.5 cm

Found by Janet Geiger, September 9, 2006, on her first day ever of field collecting.

repaired x 1.

We are very grateful to the claim owner, Foster Hallman, for having had the opportunity to dig in this extraordinary locality, and to own the specimen; to Eric Spencer for sharing his uncanny sense of where to dig; to Joe George and Ryan Bowling for sharing their professional expertise and knowledge with absolute beginners; to Dan Carlson for his help with the 'delivery'; and to Paul Geffner for bringing the whole experience together.


Photos ©2006 Richard Geiger

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