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672  Quartz vars Smokey/Citrine Scepter
Krystal Tips claims, Petersen Mountain (Hallelujah Junction), Washoe Co., Nevada, United States  
small-cabinet  6.5 x 2.5 x 2 cm

One of the highlights of 2006 for me was our first field collecting trip ever, to Peterson Mountain, better known as Hallelujah Junction, a short drive north of Reno, Nevada.

I was warned that this locality is unusually prolific, and that, as a first experience, might lead to somewhat skewed expectations on future trips. Still, nothing could have raised any expectation of success to match the actual experience.

Thanks again to everyone present!

As a final surprise, this stunning crystal enters the collection. Since I hadn't found one, I asked about getting a scepter, small, but with decent and classic form. This is what my presumptuous request resulted in. Not small, with a form and sharpness that approaches perfection, the termination is still perfectly sharp under a 10x loupe. Most outrageously, the contrasting dark smokey and light citrine segments are very striking. Under a strong backlight, this crystal absolutely glows.

May you and I, and everyone we care about, and everyone they care about, (and so on) enjoy a great year in 2007!


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