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687  Rhodochrosite with Flourite
Urad mine, Dailey District (Jones Pass District), Clear Creek Co., Colorado, USA  
miniature  3.5 x 2.2 x 2.2 cm

   ex. Edward Gray

Keith notes:

I know all of the history on this specimen. I acquired this from Alfred 'Ferd' Rockwall in 1981 from Dumont, Colorado. Alfred's mine brass tag number was #1 for the Urad mine. He worked on sinking the shaft at the Urad in 1966 and collected this specimen along with others at the time. I acquired several very small pieces of Rhodo and Fluorite from a mason jar he kept in his bedroom. This specimen was in a small plastic box on his TV and I believe it was his wife's! Anyway, I acquired it and sold it to Edward Gray, a collector in Denver for $595.00. Ed and his wife retired and moved close to their family in Durham, North Carolina. I purchased his entire collection yesterday of some 450 specimens. This was the only significant Rhodo in the collection and of course I thought of you for this because the location generated very few good specimens.
Bears a small specimen label "L112" from a previous collection.



Mineral Occurances

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