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690  Rhodochrosite on Drusy Quartz
Argo Tunnel (Newhouse), Lamartine District, Clear Creek Co., Colorado, USA  

www.mineralauctions.com dealer label
ex. J. Murray Collection (Whichita Falls, TX) j-3268, w/label
Fledgling Minerals (Laguna Beach, CA) dealer label ($100)
Adobe Crafters Trading Post (Santa Fe, NM) dealer label

Aquired at auction, this is a rarity, in my experience thus far.

There appears to have been a confusion about the locality along the line, which, I believe I am correcting here. The oldest label, from Adobe Crafters Tradng Post in Santa Fe, NM, says, simply 'Argo Tunnel'. The next one (Fledgling Minerals) adds 'nr. Silverton, Colorado'. I am guessing that whoever made this label was thinking of the American Tunnel, and thus made the mistake, which was carried forward until this accession.

The habit differs enough from what I am used to seeing from Sunnyside rhodos. Also, the original (and apparently quite old - 1960 at least, I'd guess) says '50 years old', which would make it very old for a Silverton specimen. All in all I am fairly confident about this interpretation of this specimen's correct locality.


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