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736  Rhodochrosite
Sweet Home Mine [Rainbow Pocket], Alma, Alma District, Park Co., Colorado, United States  
small-cabinet  8.4 x 4.3 x 3.8 cm

ex. Clara and Steve Smale collection

The Smales were among the first in line to the Collector's Edge booth in Denver at the 1992 show, and chose this as the best of the specimens available from that first 'big' season of mining.

This piece lived, presumably, within a few feet of the largest known euhedral rhodochrosite cystal, The Alma King, probably for hundreds of millions of years.

While the outer surfaces are the lower-temperature material (hence the lack of gemminess, sharpness, and luster shown by specimens from other pockets), the center appears to be quite gemmy and translucent when backlit.

I believe that this specimen is visible in the photo (Figure 51) on page 41 of the Sweet Home Mine issue of the Mineralogical Record. First shelf above the bottom of the case, back row, second from the right. While the specimen is very small in the photo, there are several predictable, corresponding features. The size of the specimen, compared to the standard Collector's Edge label, is also a perfect match.

The specimen now has the distinction of having been mistakenly placed on the cover of the June 2008 edition of the Journal of Chemical Education. Apparently, Rob has supplied them with a bunch of specimens, but they mistook this one for a fluorite and included it along with eleven other rocks - all fluorites!

Note that my specimen 675 is also present.



photos courtesy of/©2007 The Arkenstone

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