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864  Rhodochrosite on Sphalerite
El Potosí Mine, Francisco Portillo, West Camp, Santa Eulalia District, Mun. de Aquiles Serdán, Chihuahua, Mexico  
small-cabinet  5.5 x 4 x 3.5 cm

   ex. Dr. Miguel Romero
   ex. University of Arizona Mineral Museum

ex. Dr. Miguel Romero #4954
ex. University of Arizona Mineral Museum #14286
illustrated in The Miguel Romero Collection of Mexican Minerals

I am told that Dr. Miguel Romero had assembled the world best collection of Mexican minerals during his lifetime. Upon his death, the bulk of his collection, including many superlative specimens, was sent to the University of Arizona Mineral Museum. Unfortunately, it seems that certain papers finalizing the legal tranfer of ownership of the collection were left unsigned before Dr. Romero's passing. In the winter of 2008, his heirs decided to disperse the collection. The top display pieces, including this pretty little rhodo, were sold, with a significant portion of reference pieces finally deeded to the University.

The photo below depicts four shady mineral lovers fondling some great Mexican minerals, including the world finest Legrandite specimen. This little rhodo can bee seen in the picture in the case, directly below Wendell WIlson's forearm.



Specimen photo by Joseph Budd

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Mineral Occurances

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