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891  Rhodochrosite with Quartz var. Smokey and Pyrite
Kara-Oba W deposit, Betpakdala (Bet-Pak-Dal_ Desert, Qaraghandy Oblysy (Karaganda Oblast'), Kazakhstan  
small-cabinet  7 x 6.5 x 4.5 cm

This is a surprising specimen. If there were photos of it, they would not do it justice :-).

The first nice surprise is that the quartz is terminated at both ends. It has some faint but sharp pantos, nice color, and a few tiny included cubes of pyrite.

The second one comes when you turn the specimen over to look at the "bottom". While the rhodo on the includes a couple of nice large rhombs, its surface is rough, somewhat opaque, light pinkness, the "bottom" turns out to be crystalized everywhere - the is no apparent point of attachment to any matrix. The rhodo on this side is also much more transparent, and lustrous.  It's a big 'ole floater.

No. 16865 in some previous collection.



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